Sur la technique du développement web II.

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Nous vous demandons pardons.

  • If you don't find your conceptions and wishes on the present pages

    • you may, besides the here mentioned offers, express your special requirements any time,
      we will be able to satisfy you.
    • Even if you want for special reasons, that your site will be displayed perfectly even in the old browser IE 6, we can do something for you. The operating expenses will rise though and the feasability will be diminished a bit.
    • We do not offer possibilities for in ASP programmed websites
      but rather generally offer websites, which are programmed with the help of PHP as the server-side programming language. We favour Unix server, that is to say e.g. Apache-server (most widespread) in interaction with MySQL data bases.
      The range and the vast opportunities which an Apache-server offers are, besides a high security level, unbeatable, which expresses itself also in having for example an easy administration software as e.g. the cPanel-software.
    • The server has certainly nothing to do with the operating system of the user, so that your website will display perfectly on all Windows PCs, Macintosh and Linux computers.
  • Performance:

    • Technically spoken, in terms of the possibilities of the web presence and of the design, there are almost no limits and boundaries.
      Apache-servery offer a very high performance.
  • Part of our offer is hosting on certified servers which are controlled by us:

    • With this you would have the advantage of full control, carried out by yourself or confidently handed over to us in trust.
      The security this entails should not be underestimated, since you don't have to share your webspace, as offered by many providers, with other website operators you don't know.
    • Security, control and a for you and eventually your customers well structured and prestigious internet presentation, that's what we want to offer you.

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