Sur la technique du développement web I.

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The so called web 2.0 *external link to Wikipedia, which presents interactive and dynamic websites, will not be emphasized excessively on our websites but, however, will not be disregarded.

and secondly has got the advantage, that

  • a big committed community, with often worldwide situated members, assures, that the used programms are sophisticated and / or are constantly meliorated.
  • Presentation of your website in different browsers:

    • Since the large amount of modern browsers (the software with which you browse the internet) made a consistent display in all browsers more complicated and laborious, whereas the continuing revolution, however, led to certain simplifications, we decided not to take into account older and therefore not standard compliant browsers any more.
      This includes Internet Explorer 6 (IE 6) from Microsoft, particularly since IE 7, IE 8 and IE 9 are on the market.
    • Validation:
      As already mentioned above, we only generate validating code, which means, that the code is standard compliant. This can be proven easily with online validators (e.g. simply click on the validation icons at the bottom of this page).  back *internal link, jumps back to the top, click in case you jumped to here from above
    • Websites generated by us display in all modern browsers consistently and fully functional:
      Mozilla Firefox (the besides IE most used browser), Chrome, Iron, Safari, Opera, IE 7, IE 8, IE 9, Konqueror and derivatives of all named.

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