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§ 1 General provisions:

  1. The present Terms & Conditions (briefly T & C) are valid for all contractual commitments and conditions.
  2. Any agreement or stipulation outside of these T & C and outside of any contractual agreement require written form.
  3. A contractual agreement shall be deemed to be not only the completion of a written contract signed by both parties but also firm commitments or assurances of an activity, piece of service or of an order or assignment via e-mail.
  4. Requests via e-mail, e.g. by means of the on this web presence provided contact form *internal link, opens in current window and the by revilonetz.de hereupon sent answers remain non-binding until an explicit mention of bindingness or obligation by one or both parties.
  5. Place of jurisdiction is always Bonn, Germany.

§ 2 Offers and order processing:

  1. Offers of revilonetz.de are free revocable until the bindingness of an offer has been explicitly confirmed in written form by revilonetz.de.
    An e-mail containing the declaration of bindingness is sufficient.
  2. In case an order is placed with revilonetz.de, which also includes the assignment to develop an example or prototype website for demonstration purposes, the propriatary rights of all images, files or other data possibly put at the disposal of revilonetz.de by a client have to be ensured by this client .
    revilonetz.de has no obligation to verify the propriatary rights of such provided data.
    All legal implications which may result from the use of by the client unlawfully aquired data have to be borne by the customer.
  3. All propriatary rights of images, files or other data made available to revilonetz.de by a client remain with this client.
  4. The propriatary rights of all HTML-, CSS-, Javascript-, PHP-codes and other source codes remain with revilonetz.de.
  5. The use of such source codes by the orderer will be illegal without a written consent of revilonetz.de.
    A qualified right of ownership of such source codes will be passed to the orderer once the order has been completed and
    the completion of the order has been confirmed by both parties.
    The right of ownership is qualified in so far as revilonetz.de may use source code generated by it for other projects since it is the author.
    That means: The propriatary right remains always and absolutely with revilonetz.de.
    A lifelong right of use is granted to the client. The right of ownership and disposal for the client is limited to the scope of the project for which the source code has been generated.
  6. All copyright notices must remain intact and may only be removed upon an explicit written consent of revilonetz.
  7. A copyright notice as well as a reference to revilonetz.de will be included in the footer area of all websites created by revilonetz.de.
  8. This notice as well as the reference can be removed at the request of the orderer.
    The request has to be accepted in written form by revilonetz.de .

- End of T & C revilonetz.de

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