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General provisions:

Your personal data will be treated in compliance with the "Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG)" (Federal data protection law of Germany).
All staff members of as well as partners were, when they entered upon their duties, committed to maintain data confidentiality even after their duties have ceased.
Personal data is information, which can be used to identify a person.
That includes information like the correct name, address, postal address, telephone number and e-mail address.
Information which can't be directly associated with the real identity of a person is not considered personal data.
The present online offer can generally be used without disclosure of the identity, i.e. the so called browsing, that is viewing and reading all displayed information, is possible without registration and thus possible without revealing personal data.
If you decide to use our contact form in order to send us a message, you should indicate your e-mail address so that we are able to answer you.
It is your free decision to enter this kind of data.
We will use your data for the technical administration of our website and for our client management only within the therefore necessary scope.
Beyond that, personal data will only be stored if provided voluntarily.

Responsible handling of data:

We use personal data only for the present website and within the scope of order processing.
We don't hand over data to third parties, not at any price, unless it is essential for the order processing.
(e.g. Transmission of the postal address to a shipment service provider - to carry out its duty - or
transmission of the e-mail address to a shiping provider - for contact purposes to communicate online tracking of a delivery to the customer - )
A transmission of the e-mail address to a shipping provider can be rejected.
For this purpose a short message to our e-mail address *internal link to our contact form is sufficient.
If, within the scope of order processing, data is transmitted to a shipping provider, the provider is bound by the "Bundesdatenschutzgesetz", other legal restrictions and by the present Privacy Policy.
Collection or transmission of personal data for or to governmental organizations and authorities are only conducted within the limits of mandatory legislation.
This is usually restricted to data which is collected by governmental fiscal authorities.
The operator of the present pages will in any case in which governmental authorities would demand the surrender of client data, refuse the delivery and review the legal aspects of the demand.


Persons under the age of eighteen should not submit personal data without the approval of their parents.
We do not request personal data from children, do not collect such data and - in case such data is submitted voluntarily - do not at any price transmit such data to third parties.

Links to other websites:

Our pages potentially contain links to other websites.
We don't have any influence on whether third party operators observe the data protection laws and regulations and we do not adopt content as our own.
Visiting linked websites you should in any case evaluate these sites yourself and you should not expose or leave personal data on such sites without examination.

Excerpt from the "Bundesdatenschutzgesetz" about the protection of data secrecy:

! Non-official translation of parts of the German law !

§ 5 BDSG
It is forbidden for all persons involved in data processing to collect personal data, to process or to use it unauthorizedly (data secrecy).
Such persons, as long as not employed in public sector bodies, have to be obliged to comply with data secrecy when taking up their duties.
This obligation remains after having terminated the duties or activities.
§ 43 section 2 BDSG
An infringment commits who intentionally or negligently

  1. collects or processes personal data unauthorizedly which is not publicly accessible,
  2. makes available personal data which is not publicly accessible by means of an automated procedure unauthorizedly,
  3. recalls or procures personal data which is not publicly accessible from automated procedures for himself or others unauthorizedly,
  4. achieves the transmission of personal data which is not publicly accessible by false pretenses,
  5. contrary to § 16 section 4 line 1, § 28 section 5 line 1, also in conjunction with § 29 section 4, § 39 section 1 line 1 or § 40 section 1, uses the transmitted data for other purposes by handing it over to third parties, or
  6. combines contrary to § 30 section 1 line 2 the in § 30 section 1 line 1 named characteristics or contrary to § 40 section 2 line 3 the in § 40 section 2 line 2 named characteristics with the particulars.

§ 44 BDSG
(1) A person who commits an in § 43 scetion 2 named intentional deed upon payment or with intent to make money out of it for itself or others or with the intent to cause damage to somebody, will be punished with imprisonment for up to 2 years or with monetary penalty.
(2) The deed will be only prosecuted upon application. Entitled to submit applications are the affected person, the responsible department, the federal representative for data protection and the supervisory authority.

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